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California Interior Design

In California, interior design is not treated as just a job for Ms Alexis Ulrich. It is treated as the most important part of living, being able to transform a place to be the best that it can be. Being able to bring the vision in peoples minds to a stunning, beautiful reality. Who better in California interior design than Ms Alexis Ulrich who has been at the heart of the interior designing mecca for eighteen years. Sharing her unique, artistic and versatile styles in décor and color, gathered from her in-depth knowledge of fine arts, commercial art and graphic art which in turn led her to interior design. Most of her initial inspiration and intrigue for the world of interior design and décor sparked from her childhood days with a family that frequently traveled. Some of her recognized work includes “Old World”, “Period” and “Theme” in California interior design.

Clients are seen as individual people here in California. Interior design is not only about creating a particular design for a place, it is also the time that must be taken to get to know the clients on a personal level, hearing about their likes and dislikes, different tastes and methods of being comfortable. It is the clients happiness that is of the most important because it is still essentially a person’s presence in a place that makes it so enchanting, not just some elegant empty vessel. In the same way you would only trust a teacher to teach your child or a vet to treat your pet; you should only trust someone of high quality, efficiency and perfectionism- even better, someone who is accredited for eighteen years such as Ms Alexis Ulrich in California interior design to give you advice on color coordination or interior decorating.

Currently in California interior design, a few of the services offered by the eloquent Ms. Alexis Ulrich

is listed below:

  • Historic Bed & Breakfast

  • In Home Consultations

  • Model Homes

  • New Construction

  • Remodeling

  • Space Planning

  • Update Interiors Window, Wall and Floor Covering

The proof as they say is always in the pudding. To witness the splendor in Ms Alexis Ulrich’s California interior design,

you can have a look at the eleven residential spaces, passionately decorated by the acclaimed Interior decorator.

Her work showcases her talent for color and obvious versatility in design, her ability to integrate and make use of artistic and creative vices are impeccable. The way in which all her work is done is admired by many as she fuses client’s needs and wants to décor and style that does not repeat itself, all her work in California interior design comes with a surge of freshness every time.

Listed below is the contact details and even the address of Ms Alexis Ulrich’s California interior design studio.

Tel. 408-375-7411
Web: http://www.alexisulrichdesign.com

Certification #1824 Address: Alexis Ulrich Design
Certified Interior Designer 2030 Casa Mia Dr
San Jose, CA 95124
United States